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The Resource Center

Dress, Right, DressTM operates a drop-in Resource Center open to ALL United States Military Service-members and Veterans. The Center provides a meeting place to build camaraderie, share resources, and collect information pertaining to a plethora of Veteran-related or Veteran-specific topics.  

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Justice Involved Veterans

This Dress, Right, DressTM program was developed to assist Veterans who have entered into the Criminal Justice system; to assist these Veterans with professional networking, locating of resources (e.g. housing, employment, education, and other Veteran related benefits), and teaching of pro-social skills. This program is specific to those incarcerated in a prison system, or an active participant of a Special Court Docket such as Veterans Court, Drug Court, or another Diversion program. 


The Emergency Assistance Fund

This Dress, Right, DressTM service was developed to assist Veterans and Servicemembers in their time of need. The program requires verifiable needs associated with eviction/foreclosure, utility shutoff, or food. The fund is for a one-time use only. Other program requirements must be met.  

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