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Transitioning Service-Members (TSM)

This Dress, Right, DressTM program was developed to assist transitioning Service-members locate community-specific resources within the determined separation destination. This includes locating housing, employment, and other Veteran-related resources. 
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Justice Involved Veterans and Mentors (JIVM) 

This Dress, Right, DressTM program was developed to assist Veterans who have entered into the Criminal Justice system; to assist these Veterans with professional networking, locating of resources (e.g. housing, employment, education, and other Veteran related benefits), and teaching of pro-social skills. The processes were originally developed by the Founder while working in the Community Correction arena, with an estimated success rate of 90%.

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Veteran Employment& Training Service (VETS)

This Dress, Right, DressTM program is not the typical "job hunt"! These services were put in place to help assist ALL Service-members and Veterans with career development and placement. The services include professional mentorship, skill development, with both grant and scholarship type incentives.