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Dress Right Dress Inc. assists Service-Members and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces during tough times associated with transitional hardships and life after the military. 

The organization has grown to serve members of the United States Armed Forces and the Veterans who have answered the nations call.


Conceptualized in 2015, the organization became a 501(C)(3) nonfprofit organization in 2019. In 2021was certified by the Department of Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services as a peer-run organization. In 2022 the organization became established as a Reentry Program for Veterans who have entered the Justice System. 

In the past the organization focused on Veterans who have entered into the Criminal Justice System. Today the organization works to assist and educate Veterans through peer/mentor and community based activities. Additionally, the organization educates communities on Veteran-related or Veteran-specific topics that are to mitigate stigma, promote awarness and prevention, advocate for access to care, and change legislation that may put our nation's heros at risk.

"We are here to serve ALL Veterans and bring awareness to their needs."

-Jeremy Parkins-


The number of  Veteran Suicide each day according to 2023 Veteran Affairs data. 


Number of homeless Veterans each night according to recent data from HUD. 



Estimated number of Veterans currently incarcerated.


Total number of Veterans incarcerated in the State of Ohio prison system. 

Is the upto percentage of Veterans who utilize some form of Veteran Affairs Services and Benefits. 



Is the percentage of civilians who believe Post 9/11 Veterans suffer from PTSD although the actual prevelance is much lower. 

Are you a Veteran or working with a Veteran in crisis? 

Veteran Crisis Hotline

Text '4HOPE' to:

DOD Safe Helpline

Substance Abuse & Mental Health 

Military Helpline
1.888.457.4838 Help Desk

Veteran Affairs

Center for Homeless Veterans

Are you a Veteran looking for additional information? 

News & New Initiatives

February 19, 2024: Dress Right Dress annopunced that it will be rleasing a survey to "grade" all 88 County Veteran Service Commisssions within the State of Ohio. President Jeremy Parkins stated that this project has been discussed with multiple state and federal agencies over a period of three years. Mr. Parkins further stated that the variances between services and treatment towards state Veterans needs to be addressed. The survey results will cerate a "grading" of each county service office and those results will eb shared with the County Commissioners and the Office Director. 



March 10, 2023: Over the past thirteen months, Dress Right Dress Inc. has been working on something to change the lives of many Veterans throughout the State of Ohio. Founder and President Jeremy Parkins submitted a proposal to state and federal legislatures that he believes would assist thousands of Veterans in the State of Ohio, if not the entire nation. Jeremy stated that he has asked legislatures to change laws regarding Medicaid and the using of Veteran Disability Compensation as household income; to which determines any services and benefits that may be afforded to the Veteran. 

Under current procedures Veteran Disability Compensation is held against a Veteran as it is calculated into the overall household income. Household income is then used to determine eligibility for benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, housing assistance, etc. Jeremy stated that procedure prevents so many Veterans from accessing state or federal benefits that would help reduce homelessness and provide access to both Mental and Physical Healthcare. Jeremy says his proposal is not for the purpose of a "handout" but for a "hand-up". 


Jeremy stated that under certain guidelines such compensation is nontaxable and protected. He stated that therefore it should not be used as household income and should never be used as a negative when assisting Veterans. He stated his proposal is simply the following:


-  State(s) cannot use VA Disability Compensation against those applying for state benefits, as it is nontaxable. 

- Medicaid allows for Servicemembers and Veterans to remain eligible for benefits regardless of retirement or disability compensations for a period of up to three years. This would allow for those individuals to establish insurance through other means. 

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